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How to gain a stone over Christmas

Something strange seems to happen to us over Christmas. For some reason, something about that special day makes us go momentarily crazy, which changes our eating habits and our attitude towards food. All of a sudden, it’s ok to eat mince pies for breakfast – don’t believe me? Check out our Instagram feed. It’s ok to indulge in speciality lattes laden with super sweet Christmas syrups. It’s ok to polish off an entire family-size tin of chocolates.

And that’s before you get to the food you’d never purchase at any other time of year: the tin of biscuits (what’s wrong with a packet?), a tub of Twiglets, so much cheese it becomes almost impossible to close your fridge door.

And then there’s the forgotten calories – the alcohol. From mulled wine, to the office party, bucks fizz with Christmas morning breakfast and champagne to see in the New Year – we just don’t stop.

We know it looks bad

Research indicates that our Christmas dinner alone contains nearly an entire day’s allowance for women (1,992 calories out of a recommended 2,000).

We know it looks bad. But in our humble Process Bliss opinion, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a few mince pies (have you not seen our Instagram account yet?!). We promise that in the New Year, we’ll join the rest of the nation in a post-holiday diet. But for now, we fully intend to put on a stone with pride and indulge in everything Christmas has to offer:

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See this process in action

See this process in action

Just like you, our team is busy preparing for Christmas. Head over to our social accounts to see how we’re getting on running this process:

Alternatively, to make sure everything runs smoothly this festive season so you can enjoy a blissful Christmas, why not get started with Process Bliss.