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Planning your New Year's Eve party

Poor New Year’s Eve. It doesn’t really get a look in before Christmas. There’s usually so many things to think about before the main event that it often gets pushed to the back of the queue. Unless you plan to go away this year, most of us don’t decide how (or if) we’ll see in the New Year until after the Christmas celebrations are over.

But what to do

Some people hate New Year’s eve and the pressure it puts on them to have fun. If this is you, you’ll probably just want to join a group of close friends or family and have a quiet night in watching Big Ben chime in 2019 on the TV. And following that, enjoy the usual spectacular firework display that lights up the London skyline. Perhaps you plan to attend one in person this year? They take place all over the UK and many of them are family friendly. The best I’ve ever attended has to be Hogmanay in Edinburgh. If there’s one nation that really knows how to see in a New Year, it’s Scotland. If you’ve never been, I’d recommend everyone experience it at least once in their lifetime!

It’s party time!

We have really nice neighbours where I live and for years we’ve always celebrated New Year’s Eve together. When the children were young, we’d all troop up to the largest of the houses each bringing with us a course for a sit down meal. As the children got older we’d travel from one house to the next, eating and drinking our way down the hill until we got to the last house were we’d all crowd around the TV at midnight and sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Planning our New Year’s Eve parties requires some organisation. There are so many things to think about. Who does what? How are we going to entertain the children? What do we need to buy? Shall we dress up? It’s always too much for one person to organise so we share the tasks around to lighten the load.

View the process

See this process in action

See this process in action

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