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Preparing for the Elf to visit

If you thought noisy, excitable children coupled with an enormous amount of preparation and shopping wasn’t enough to be getting on with this December, you’re in luck, we now have Elf on the Shelf!

If you’re not familiar with this relatively new tradition that’s taking the world by storm, we’ll give you a brief run down.

The history of Elf on the Shelf

One of Santa’s ‘scout elves’ is sent to every house around the world to watch over the events and behaviour in people’s homes. In the US, the elf arrives after Thanksgiving, but in the UK, December 1st is generally accepted to be the day that the Elf arrives.

After everyone has gone to bed every night, the Elf dashes back to the North Pole to report back, and returns again in time for the next morning, but this time hid in a different place.

A great technique for encouraging better behaviour I’m sure you’ll agree, and there’s always the ‘I’ve got Santa’s phone number’ trick if things get REALLY bad.

The Elf is meant to be quite cheeky, so here’s where the grown-ups can have some fun playing with toys this Christmas! There are loads of great ideas online on places like Pinterest or you can check out our Instagram channel daily to monitor what our Elf is up to! Just remember to have fun- just not too much fun like Poundland did last year

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