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Purfect Christmas for your pet

The team at Christmass Bliss love pets (specifically dogs, we all have at least 1 dog!), we’ve put together a list tips of ensuring your furry loved ones enjoy the festive season as much as you do.

Safety first!

Your pets enjoying Christmas starts at keeping them safe and healthy, here are a few hazards that this time of year brings and a few of our suggestions to reduce the risk, keeping them safe and happy.

Christmas trees

An old tradition that most of us love, whether its real or fake. It’s a delight for our pets, lots of shiny tinsel, the lovely smell of chocolate and dangly shiny baubles, which can be far too much temptation for our pets.

Our top tips with your tree are:

  1. Keep heavy ornaments low down – this reduces the risk on injury to your pet if they manage to know it off.
  2. Don’t put chocolate on the tree, sad but necessary – keep the chocolate tree ornaments in the fridge and enjoy from there!
  3. If you have a cat that likes to climb, you’ll need to ensure your tree isn’t going to fall over, tether it to something or make sure it’s sturdy.
  4. Remember it’s not just their curiosity that can cause damage, dogs tails can clear a coffee table in less than a second, put ornaments and decorations out of tail wagging reach.
  5. If you have a new puppy or kitten then a puppy play pen is probably a good idea!


We love them, most of our pets are terrified of them, some are not bothered at all.

Whilst some animals can be distracted by some music, the television or just a biscuit, others might need something a little stronger.

There are some great products you can get from your local pet shop that you can use, you can buy plug ins or wax melts that give off a calming aroma which will leave your furry friend (and probably you) so chilled out that the fireworks are barely noticed.

You can also buy calming drops that you pop on your pets tongue (or in their food) that calms them down and relaxes them.

Too many treats

We all over indulge at this time of year, and are probably all guilty of giving the extra treat to our pets (or if it’s our house, the bin / counters get raided because of all of the lovely extra smells)

Try to ensure you don’t give into temptation and give them extra treats and try to ensure that you don’t leave food accessible to them.

Too much rich food can lead to serious inflammation of the pancreas, which can be life threatening. Gammon is very salty and be equally as dangerous and we all know about Chocolate and dogs.

If your suspect you pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have – its best to give them a call, there is a special calculation your vet can do if your dog eats chocolate, based on the chocolate eaten, their weight and breed)

Don’t forget about your pets, they love you unconditionally and want to be with you, so try and find the time to walk your dogs, cuddle your kittens and remember that they love a little visit from Santa too!

See this process in action

See this process in action

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