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Surviving Christmas with the in-laws

Christmas is coming, which means there’s one pressing issue I have to deal with…the in-laws. Don’t get me wrong, my in-laws are actually quite nice. I can have a laugh and a joke with them, they’re wonderful grandparents and they bake the most delicious treats.


The whole event starts with a 4-hour drive with two pre-school children on board. And that means we’ve already packed up everything we own for the 2-day trip. Assuming we get there in one piece I then have the stress of watching my children like a hawk because my in-laws’ house isn’t baby-proofed and my boys love to explore; naturally they gravitate to knives, chemicals and tiny priceless trinkets.

Then I sit down for a cup of tea and a slab of cake – sounds bliss? Hardly. That’s when the questions start. When I first met my husband it was a grilling about when we were going to give them a grandchild (because they’re not getting any younger and they’d like to meet them before they die – no pressure!). Then when we had children, it was all about why we’d chosen ‘Jewish’ names (I wasn’t sure we had). Then it was pressure to have another baby because they wanted a girl.

And if they come to us, it’s worse. The comments (read ‘criticism’) about the dust, choice of meals, the fact we drink skimmed milk, our choice of paint colour, the bed is too hard/soft/big/small. And when you ask if there’s anything they’d like to do, the response is, “we don’t mind, we’re easy”, and then they complain that we didn’t take them out to the place they really wanted to visit.

Is it me?

Christmas is my favourite time of the year – and also the time I fear the most. And I don’t think I’m alone. 84% of families plan to be together this Christmas, despite 1 in 3 people saying would love to avoid visiting their in-laws altogether.

For many people, it’s the final straw. Dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ by legal firms, the first working Monday of January traditionally sees huge numbers of people end their marriages; throughout the month, inquiries about divorce rise by over 300%.

Avoid ‘Divorce Day’

Well most of the time I quite like my husband (apart from when he’s trying to play the piano, stealing my car keys so I’m trapped in the house, or jetting off to Vegas for a ‘work trip’). And I have no intention of letting his parents ruin what we’ve worked so hard to build.

So, to help me survive the holidays I’ve put together a handy 10-step process, which I hope will help you too. Let’s beat the Divorce Day trend together and actually enjoy a merry Christmas this year.

See this process in action

See this process in action

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